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Short Term Leasing & Daily Hire

At Vans2Lease, we recognise that our customers often have a need for a short term hire vehicle to cover gaps due to factory orders, delays, probation periods for new members of staff or simply to allow for a business to cover short term seasonal requirements.

We have established various corporate partnerships, which allow us to offer several short term and daily hire products to suit your individual or business needs. Competitive terms available for 3, 6 and 12 month rentals.

Daily hire

Daily hire is suitable for individuals, new start businesses or businesses that do not have fleet insurance. Our partners provide a great choice of car and light commercial vehicles on daily hire. The vehicles can be used to cover a range of needs including problems with an existing vehicle, in the event of an accident or breakdown, to provide a vehicle for a new member of staff on probation, to cover peak demand periods or to match the specific duration of longer term leasing contracts.

We are in partnership with Enterprise rent-a-car for individuals and businesses who are either not established at this point or those that do no have their own fleet insurance.

Short term lease / rental

Vans2Lease can offer competitive short-term leasing terms for business customers over 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods. This is a great way to meet the needs of new members of staff, contractors and overseas visitors or as an alternative to long term funding in uncertain times.

Whether you a van or a small fleet, our short-term lease contracts can be tailored to fit your needs with mileage and duration to suit. Vehicles are physical as they are part of a fleet owned by the finance company and can be available in 48 hours, delivered straight to the driver's work or home. Our short term contracts are also inclusive of maintenance, breakdown assistance, accident management and what's more theres no initial rentals or deposits to pay.

Daily hire for business fleets

If you manage the fleet for an established business with a fleet insurance policy and the business has a need for regular short term hire, we can offer you a business account with a partner who has access to compare availability and prices of a large number of the UK hire companies.

The business will need to be underwritten initially but once successful the business will have access to a portal that offers a wide range of vehicle availability along with speedy turnaround for short term vehicles.

Please get in touch with us here if you are interested in any of the short term or daily hire options listed above.

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